Easter brunch

Enjoy a delicious brunch, inspired by the students and staff of Bistro ’67.

Choice of

Atlantic salmon breakfast bowl with poached eggs, Ontario wild rice, kale, pickled vegetables and cherry tomatoes

Breakfast harvest bowl with DC smoked bacon lardons, home fries, roasted tomatoes, crispy soft poached egg, greens and avocado

Acai breakfast bowl with mangos, berries, banana and Bistro '67 granola

Fried Ontario chicken thighs on brioche French toast with Staples Farm maple-thyme syrup and a crème fraiche quenelle


Crème brûlée brioche donut with a Mexican vanilla pastry cream and caramel


Vegan pavlova with macerated berries

Sly & Sons Coffee or Pluck Tea

$30 plus applicable taxes and gratuities


Menu includes juice or milk | Bistro ’67 ice cream sandwich

Choice of

Panko crusted chicken strips, frites and vegetable sticks

Epic mac n’ cheese served with fresh fruit salad

Pancakes, DC smoked bacon and fresh fruit salad

$14 plus applicable taxes and gratuities


Reservations can be made through Open Table or by contacting Kaitlyn Dover
T: 905.721.3312
E: kaitlyn.dover@durhamcollege.ca